Carmen For School Board

To My Supporters:

I entered this race to make sure every child regardless of their background has access to opportunities and knows how to use those opportunities in a system that can at times be difficult to navigate. 

We need to recommit as a district to advancing the progress of all students regardless of their race/ethnicity/socio-economic or migratory status, and refrain from viewing education from the perspective of a zero-sum game where the success of some students is detrimental to other students. And our definition of success needs to be holistic and representative of a growth mindset where students success is measured in terms of growth and improvement rather than solely on GPAs, SAT scores, and/or EOG scores. We need to improve the climate in our schools for minority students, teachers, and staff, and we need to improve communication between administration, parents and teachers. 

My passion for working on these issues is as strong as ever, but over the past week I’ve had to make the unfortunate decision to end my current race for school board. 

I’ve always taken pride on two important personal qualities: transparency and knowing my own limits. So, I want to share some of what’s going on with me. For years, I have dealt with a significant sleep disorder. Given other pressures in life, I never sought treatment and always dismissed it as ‘this is who I am.’ It didn’t keep me from accomplishing many of the things I’m proudest of: raising three children, completing my Ph.D. program, and leading the Carolina Firsts program at UNC. But recently, things have changed.

Over the past few weeks, my symptoms increased in severity to the point where I realized I needed to seek medical help. I’m currently working with my doctor to figure out the root of the problem and come up with a treatment plan that will allow me to do everything I want to do. But right now, my ability to fully engage as a candidate in a way that I can be proud of will be compromised. For now, I plan to stay involved as an engaged parent in ways that don’t require as big a commitment. 

I am very disappointed by this as I very much wanted the opportunity to serve all of you. Words cannot express how moved I am by the outpouring of support that I received from all of you. Thank you so much for believing in me. - Carmen


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